Rainy Day SCBA Drill

This drill is a quick and easy way to increase familiarity with SCBA when performing emergency profile meanuvers:
  1. Place SCBA in somewhere in the station or training tower
  2. Tighten straps down or twist them up
  3. Set off PASS device
  4. Have student in full PPE with face piece covered located in another part of building
  5. Student must follow the sound of the PASS and locate the SCBA
  6. Once student locates SCBA utilizing right or left hand search have them lay flat on their belly, silence the PASS, and disentangle the straps (with structure gloves on)
  7. Student will then don SCBA while on knees- adjusting and tightening all straps appropriately
  8. Have student recount MAYDAY parameters (FACT) and call a MAYDAY (NUCAN) (Parameters: F=Fall, A=Air Emergency, C= Caught/Collapse, T= Trapped) (Report: NUCAN Report N= Name, U= Unit/ Assignment, C= Conditions, A= Actions, N= Needs)
  9. Students must locate key personal equipment:
  • Radio
  • Flashlight
  • Wire cutters
  • Pressure gauge
  • Main line valve
  • By pass valve
  • PASS (Activation, Silence)

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