by Mark vonAppen

We are all busted toys.  Some act as if it is their calling to put out the fire in others.  The key is to keep the flame alive.  It is through the young people in our midst that we are unbroken.  It is through them that we are healed.  Like a snapped bone knits itself together stronger than before the insult.  It is only though being woke to those who cling to our trust that we are born anew.

As a leader of people, consider what you represent to the next generation.  It isn’t something that we should shrug off and leave for someone else to retrieve from the trash.  That ideal person, that mentor, is the reason that the next-gen chose this path.  They loodsc02556k to you.  When they arrive in search of the end of the rainbow in the land of unicorns, decide not to be the one who dashes all of their dreams of being a part of something bigger than themselves.  Decide not to be jaded, to share all of what you have learned about life, family, and the craft.  Find hope once again for yourself in them.  Find the passion that you had before someone took it from you.  Undo every wrong that was done unto you.  Treat others the right way.

The greatest of leaders are altruists, those who lead through humility, and I believe that there are more of us out there than we lead ourselves to believe.  As a leader you don’t represent brick and mortar establishments.  You represent an ideal of what others imagine to be possible.

You represent hope.


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